Saturday, October 18, 2014

Coding and Learning Should Never Stop, Open Sourcing is Caring

I’ve had a productive coding weekend, and so I decided to share my experience. Now, many developers choose to treat their career as a series of 9-5 jobs, but if you’re reading this, I assume you’re like the rest of us who love continuous learning and self improvement.


About a year ago I started learning Elixir. So as part of the learning experience, I wrote two matching learning related libraries: Stemmer and Simple Bayes. It was a great, really enjoyable experience and I learnt a lot about the concepts of word stemmingnaive Bayes classification and of course, functional programming.
These topics have been interesting to learn about, but until one gets to use them on a daily basis for a while, key concepts are less likely to convert from short term memory to long term memory. Given my day job is not about writing Elixir (yet), I needed to find other ways to keep my skill-level up and to continue exploring new things.


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